5-year-old invites his whole class to his adoption ceremony in touching moment

Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton have been married for ten years, but the couple didn’t have any children. After fostering Michael Clark, Jr. for over a year, Andrea and Dave can finally adopt him.

To help celebrate this fantastic day, Michael invited his entire kindergarten class to bear witness. Mrs. McKee, Michael’s teacher, was happy to help organize the field trip.

Michael’s class is important to him. His classmates are like his family. It made sense to include them in the adoption ceremony.

Judge Patricia Gardener acknowledged the special guests in her courtroom that day. Mrs. McKee’s class had prepared paper hearts attached to wooden sticks to signify their support for Michael.

Judge Gardener made the adoption official when she said, “It is ordered Michael, that your forever mom and dad will be David Andrew Eaton and Andrea Louise Melvin.”

The new family was interviewed after the ceremony by ABC News. Michael told the camera crew, “I love my daddy!” He repeated the line, and his father, Dave, bowed his head in gratitude.

Dave and Andrea encourage any adults who have ever thought about adoption to pursue their options. Everyone was full of emotion and celebration in Judge Gardener’s courtroom that day. Michael now has a family, and all of his classmates shared in his official acceptance into a forever family.

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