Baby Hears Favorite Song Play, Starts To Dance Jive But His Ending Cracks Audience Up

We have all likely seen footage of some amazing children from around the world on the internet. Are you ready to see one more clip that will knock your socks off? Featured below is arguably one of the most talented young dancers to hit the internet.

William Stokkebroe, who hails from Denmark, was only 2 years old at the time of this video from March 2012, but he was already wowing audiences all over the world. His dance moves are so good that this performance has spread far and wide across the web.

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video 🙂

The young dancer, then around 7 years old, dressed up as Jackson and gave an impromptu performance in his living room in preparation for the Danish Carnival celebration that year. Luckily, the entire performance is on video, one of three of William’s performances on his parents’ Studie43 YouTube channel.

While William is no doubt talented, his parents likely played a large role in his success given that they are both professional dance instructors.

According to Peter and Kristina’s website, for example, the husband-wife duo’s dance career spans more than 21 years, with both starting dance before the age of 5 at Dorit & Erik Hybel’s Dance Institute in Odense. Since then, the couple has won five world championships and established their own dance studio in Risskov, Denmark, in 2011.

If William’s dance performances are any indication, it seems like he’s on a similar path. At age 2, he became an internet sensation for doing the jive in the video below. At age 7, he was moonwalking across his living room in full Michael Jackson attire. And at age 8, he impressed viewers around the world with his breakdancing skills. Only time will tell what William will accomplish as he grows up, but the future looks bright.

What do you think about William’s dancing skills at 2 years old? What do you think he will accomplish in five years? How about ten? Let us know — and be sure to pass this article on to friends, family members and fans of dance.

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