An 8-year-old girl who was born without legs became a professional gymnast

We all have something to learn from the story of this little girl 😇

This little girl is proof that if you have a great desire, you can reach any heights, despite the difficulties!

Today we will introduce you to a young gymnast named Paige Calendine, who was born without legs, but in spite of everything was able to achieve great success in the sport.

Paige has had a serious disability since birth: she was born without legs. But from an early age the girl watched gymnasts’ performances with enthusiasm and her parents tried to send her to her first training session. That’s how it all began. At first Paige practiced to keep herself in shape, as it was important to have strong arms because of her peculiarities.

But then this hobby grew into something bigger. Now she’s eight years old and part of the Ohio State gymnastics team. As she said: «I feel like gymnastics is my calling, I’m not going to stop doing it. I want to keep training, come up with programs, and competing in sports».

But the most important thing is the support of relatives, the coach and even teammates.

In addition, Paige is not only into gymnastics, she also does archery, swimming, and cheerleading. Her parents make sure that they bring their daughter to all of her favorite activities on time, and they are happy that she smiles so much. At her such a young age, Paige is already seriously considering participating in the Paralympics.

By the way, Liliya Podkopayeva from Ukraine, a two-time Olympic champion from Atlanta-1996, attended the Arnold Gymnastics Challenge in the United States, where she met Paige.

«Paige is an inspiration to all of us, not letting any physical challenges get in the way of her goals and love of gymnastics,» Podkopayeva expressed admiration for Paige on her Instagram page, attaching a photo of herself together.

«It’s so cool that this strong little girl is doing well.»

«What a smart girl.»

«Oh my gosh, it brings tears to my eyes. The girl’s willpower is amazing.»

«That’s right, baby, go ahead, don’t be afraid! Everything will work out!!!» — Liliya Podkopaeva’s followers admired the girl in the comments.

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