Sweet Toddler Has Adorable Reaction When Hearing Violin for the First Time

When you’re young and growing up, everything in the world is new and exciting. When this adorable little guy hears a musician play the violin for the first time, he instantly runs up to her in excitement.

We all know that kids can’t hide their emotions, and when they find something they love, they can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. A talented young woman plays the violin for what looks to be daycare and one child stood out.

Wearing an adorable yellow button-up shirt and a bow tie, this little cutie can’t help but want to be right where the action is. He runs up to the violinist and hugs her leg as she continues to play for everyone to hear.

While everyone else sits back, he pops a squat right at her feet to get a front-row seat. The musician can’t help but smile at the precious moment she’s having with this young boy. As adults, we can get desensitized to moments like this, and it’s a beautiful thing to see someone experience.

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