Goose taps on police officer’s car and asks for help

Goose taps on police officer’s car and asks for help

There are many ways to describe the characteristics and behavior of geese. They’re faithful, and they adapt to humans quickly.

Another great characteristic they have is that they’re compassionate. When one of them is down, they will stay to support or look for help.

That’s what this goose did in Cincinnati, Ohio.

She found a car and started pecking at the door. It turns out she chose a police car to approach.

The goose walked away and looked back at them as if to say, ‘Follow me.’
Now curious, he decided to follow her, and that’s when he understood what she was trying to tell him. One of her babies got tangled up in a balloon string and couldn’t get out. Of course, none of them had sharp teeth that they could use to gnaw the duckling free.

And most likely because of her maternal instinct, the mother goose looked for humans who could help them.

Because he wasn’t sure how to approach the goose and her baby, Officer Givens decided to radio the local SPCA to help them. Unfortunately, there were no wildlife rescuers available at that moment.

Officer Givens hopes that posting this video online, it’ll inspire other people to be kinder and more compassionate.
“I don’t know what it all means,” Officer Givens said. “But I hope it might inspire more compassion in other people.”

Watch as Officer Charron helps this baby out and reunites with the family in the video below.

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