For 8 months, this 18 year old girl only ate 3 apples a day. This is how she looked 5 years later

Frenchwoman Victoria Mason Doxer, until recently, was considered one of the most successful models in the haute couture industry.

Her journey began like in a fairy tale — mom took the daughter shopping as a gift for diligent study and good behavior. And during her shopping, Victoria was noticed by a representative of a large modeling agency.

And since then, a long journey of constant hunger strikes has begun so that you can stand on the catwalk for a few moments in clothes of sizes 32-34. At one point, Victoria simply began to eat only three apples a day and soda, as she briefly reduced her appetite.

It lasted nearly a year. True, once a week the girl still allowed herself to eat poultry or fish in order to get at least some protein.

Having gained recognition in the world of fashion, but ruining her health, the girl decided to leave the profession. She even published a book called «No Skinny Enough: The Diary of a Top Model.» Some models disagreed with what was written in the book, but Victoria does not condemn them, because they simply cannot recognize the correctness of the girl, because they also have to work.

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