Dad and 7-year-old daughter blow up the internet with their beautiful rendition of ‘Shallow’

My heart is a puddle. This is just too precious.

There is nothing more precious for parents than bonding and creating beautiful memories with their children. I know this because I’m a parent myself and every second I spend with my child means a million years to me.

To us, parents, one of the best things to do with our children is share our time with them while they do their hobbies or interests such as singing. And that’s what Dave Crosby is doing with her beautiful daughter, Claire.

The father-daughter duo doesn’t just go to amusement parks, eat and play together, but they also sing. In fact, one of their videos went extremely viral when they duet to ‘Shallow’, a song performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the blockbuster movie, ‘A Star Is Born.’

Make sure to watch the video below.

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