4 reasons why a man cheats even when everything is fine in the relationship

«Why did he go for it, but everything was fine with us?». The answer to this standard question is different for every man who decides to commit adultery. However, in most cases, all of these answers are very similar and as if copied from each other. Psychologists name an average of 4 main reasons why a man commits treason, even when they are in a relationship.


One of the main reasons for infidelity is the desire to prove one’s physical attractiveness.


This usually applies to couples who started dating at an early age, when they did not really have any experience.


Relationships can be happy, stable, and comfortable, but sometimes that’s what makes people bored.


Studies conducted at Binghamton University have shown that there is a gene responsible for «promiscuity/infidelity.» If he dominates, then the likelihood of treason increases greatly. It is interesting, however, that there are people who, despite this, are able to keep their emotions and desires under control.

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