This African Tribal Version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ Is My Favorite

Contrary to what newcomers to his music may think, especially given the tribal spin on this video, Alex Boyé is actually a British-American artist. Loved for his authentic voice and diverse range, his African tribal version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ calls in the help of the Genesis Children’s Choir from Salt Lake City.

The sixty-four piece vocal ensemble combines with the voice of Alex and tribal drumming to create a rendition of one of Christmas’s most popular songs. Unconventional and absolutely electric, this is a recreation shaped on an orchestral engine that no one but this artist could have imagined.

As an African gospel track to inspire and move people of all religions and all walks of life, Alex Boyé has succeeded wonderfully. His arrangement of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ works on every level, with the harmonies of seemingly endless voices creating the ideal accompaniment along each stage of the way. It’s a holiday track that could easily become a favorite.

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