At the talent show, she was asked to sing without music. The girl didn’t hesitate.

In the British and American talent shows, there is one jury member who is extremely difficult to please. If you are a truly gifted and self-confident person, then TV presenter Simon Cowell will smile and let you go ahead, but if you lose your grip for a moment and screw up, a red signal from him is inevitable. Simon is very hard to beat. He does not believe in magicians, he strictly checks singers for falsehood. It is difficult not to give in to such a judge.

Even adults’ knees tremble, let alone children. One day, 12-year-old South Carolina native Ansley Burns came to the show. The girl prepared a song and began to sing it. The voice is good, the composition is sincere. But something confused Simon, and he challenged the girl – sing without music. Cowell even gave Ansley water to soak her throat. The young singer was clearly in a stupor, but accepted the challenge. What happened next – see the video.

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