3 month old baby singing twinkle twinkle little star…

By about three and a half months, your baby will begin to show up as someone who likes to interact with other people or prefers to spend time with himself. These signs cannot tell if he will grow up to be an introvert or an extrovert. Some babies prefer a quiet environment – they like to be alone or with only a group of people, while others like to be surrounded by people.

Your 14 week old baby will learn a lot from his environment and his brain will process the information to make sense of it. Some other aspects of the house will now start to interest him a lot more and he will want to explore the entire space of the house. The strength of your child’s upper body will be sufficiently developed, and the neck muscles will also be strong. He may be able to hold his neck straight and look around for longer periods of time with ease.

Hold your baby on your shoulder and fly around the house with whistling and airy sounds. Holding in such a way that he looks back, the experience of moving backwards can cause a real riot and make him laugh and giggle. If you’re into fitness and have a gym ball or large beach ball, you can hold your baby and place him on top of him. Then gently roll the ball in different directions and let the baby wiggle and move slightly in each direction.

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