Daddy-Daughter Perform “Moon River” From Baby To 7-Years-Old

A video of a very special musical performance appeared on the Internet a month ago.

Paul Barton played one of the world-famous hits on the piano with his daughter Emilie in her early childhood, and after seven years he published a very special video on the Internet.

The wonderful singing performance prepared by father and daughter lasted as long as seven years – the father published a video clip on the YouTube network in which he played and sang the hit song “Moon River” with his daughter ever since she was born.

In the end, a video was created in which we can follow the growth of his daughter to the mentioned song, and the wonderful video has reached almost 100,000 views on YouTube alone.

Watch a cute performance where the father played and sang the same song at the piano with his now 7-year-old daughter Emilie. Will the video inspire you too?

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