Paul Harvey shares story of a man who met his double

The human population might be over 7.8 billion people and counting, but most of us assume we are unique. Even if someone out there looks like us, we must have different histories and personalities, right?

That was what a man named Jim assumed. Radio host, Paul Harvey, tells this man’s story in his ongoing series, The Rest of the Story. And you will not believe the conclusion.

At first glance, nothing about Jim seemed out of place. He led a relatively average life in the 1940s. He did alright in school. He struggled with spelling and excelled in mathematics.

As he grew older, Jim divorced a woman named Linda and married someone named Betty. When he was free, he would tinker around the house, and every year he would travel to the Gulf of Florida for vacation.

Paul Harvey made it clear that anyone who knew Jim would recognize the man immediately. “Anyone in his family, even his dog, Toy, would know Jim anywhere,” he assured listeners.

That was something the people around him believed for 39 years until Jim met another man named Jim. Someone who had divorced a woman named Linda and married a woman named Betty.

Someone who looked exactly like him and had the same health issues as our main character. Listen to the stunning conclusion of this shocking true story that still has us invested over fifty years since it aired.

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