When a couple dances to “Bare Necessities”, the whole room bursts into laughter

Most of us would like to come prepared and know what to expect if we were about to perform in front of a crowd. But a couple of swing dancers had no idea which songs DJs had chosen for them in a contest.

When the duo are presented with a fun and recognizable song, they don’t hold back!
It’s a one-of-a-kind swing dance video that will have you tapping and feeling like a kid again.

Laszlo Tarkanyi is a West Coast Swing instructor based in Budapest, Hungary, while Stefanie Tschom is Austrian. They both participated in the SwingVester 2019-2020 competition, which was held in Vienna.

When it’s their turn to dance in the final of the Strictly Open, the couple takes the stage in front of their opponents. They had no idea things were going to get “crazy”.
Because the dancers have no idea what music will be offered to them, the presenter encourages the DJs to choose something “exciting”. And, on a scale of 1 to 10, he asks for a 10! “I’ll just say, we’ll pray for you,” he joked to the couple.

The DJs come up with the perfect strategy for Laszlo and Stefanie to really shake things up.
The music begins slowly at first, and the couple swirl elegantly on the floor. No one in the room seemed to realize what was happening to them.

After a few seconds, the lyrics begin, and everyone knows what music has been chosen… It’s “The Bare Necessities” from Disney’s Jungle Book!
Even the couple can’t help but smile as the room fills with laughter and screams. They must, however, get to work.

They quickly get into a fun and lively West Coast Swing dance that flows with the song.
Laszlo and Stefanie seem to be floating on their feet, and it’s clear that they’re both incredibly skilled. They have tremendous synergy and execute their maneuvers with precision.

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