The woman decided to teach her son to do housework and even cook from an early age

School should give us a lot of knowledge, help us find our way, but it is not the only one that should make us responsible adults. It is also the role of the whole society, public figures and our family. Our values ​​are also instilled in us through our history, our upbringing, and our experiences, especially at home.

If we see how our parents and loved ones respect others, help each other, are generous, we will not be generous. Nicole Ledda is a young mother living in Monroe, Michigan. This mother of two children, a boy and a little girl, like her son, places great importance on her daughter, participating in household chores. In a Facebook post, she explained why she wanted her son to help as well. This is what she said. “I teach my son to cook, take care of housework, because housework is not only for women.

Because one day he might be alone, he’ll live alone, and she’ll know how to do laundry and not eat every night. Because one day, he might want to impress his heartthrob with a good meal cooked with his own hands. Because one day, when he has a wife and children, he will have to do his share of the housework. Because I’m part of a generation of young adults who regret that school didn’t teach us how to cook, clean, tie handle paperworks.

Because we should let kids be kids, they should enjoy their childhood, but it’s still important and necessary to teach them life lessons along the way. My son will never be “too manly” to agree to cook, do the dishes, iron or clean. He will be the kind of man who can change a wheel as well as check the cooking of a roast. Who can neatly arrange their laundry and mow the lawn at the same time?. Remember this, dear parents. a man who thinks he shouldn’t cook or clean just because he’s a man is just a little boy who hasn’t been taught better.” The post has become widely distributed on the Internet.

There are many positive comments, where parents explain that they try to do the same with their children. The woman also wrote the following: <<Yes, of course. My little girl will learn to do all this too. She is still very small. My two children are educated by seeing that I perform all these tasks equally, because they have to understand that their mother is alone and needs it.>> . And what is your opinion whether this woman is behaving correctly or not?

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