133 Boys Get Onstage and What They Do Gets Even Simon to His Feet

Britain’s Got Talent has been entertaining viewers since 2007 with the unique and sometimes unusual talents of the people in England. The show attracts some amazing talent, from the conventional to the very bizarre. The contestants in this video are a more traditional lot, but their talent is sure to amaze and astound you.

This video features the Welsh choir named Only Boys Aloud. The 133 member choir consists of boys between the ages of 14 to 19. They say that being in the choir helps them keep out of trouble on the streets. They got on stage to deliver a mesmerizing performance of the Welsh song “Calon Lân”.

The video opens with the boys preparing to perform, and then some of them explain where they come from and why they chose to be a member of this choir. Wales has been affected by unemployment and social issues, and many youths are turning to drugs or crime.

Furthermore, these boys explain that they wanted to choose a different path and that this choir helps them stay out of trouble and feel like they are accomplishing something with their lives. This is truly inspiring. These guys are role models for all their peers — and even many adults.

Obviously, when you watch this video, you’ll understand why even Simon (who is famously hard to please) was blown away. Indeed, this performance is one for the history books as far as ‘Got Talent’ is concerned.

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