Shoppers Stumble Upon Incredible Piano Performance

It is a rare thing to catch a random music performance without warning. Often, street corner musicians occupy city streets, but this performance happens inside a shopping mall.

A shiny black acoustic piano is set up in a local mall, and Christmas lights shine green, blue, and red on the ceiling as a few people walk past. It is the perfect scene for an impromptu concert.

At a nearby Levi’s store, a man in a green puffer jacket walks up to the piano and starts to play a boogie-woogie jam. People pass by him and look on in shock.

A few people stop to watch him and smile at how well he plays. A couple of men behind him start to clap as he plays, then one of the men joins in and riffs on the high keys of the piano.

The other man that was clapping joins on the low end and plays along. Now, three men are playing the piano in the middle of the mall. They crossover each other’s arms and play in perfect synchronization.

They all end on a few big piano chord hits, and they laugh and smile at each other. The people surrounding them put their cameras down and clapped for the outstanding spontaneous performance.

As it turns out, the men are part of ‘The Ambassadors of Boogie Woogie.’ This piano group dazzled the crowd at a London shopping mall and took everyone by surprise.

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