Teen fulfills Father’s dream on ‘AGT’ making Simon Cowell emotional

The stunning rap performance from Flau’jae on ‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars’ leaves Simon Cowell emotional. Simon looks at Flau’jae with a smile as she walks on stage with a swagger.

Flau’jae says she’s 18 and from Savannah, Georgia. Simon says, “Is your Mom here with you today?” They show her Mom, and she waves to everyone and gets a standing ovation from Howie.

It shows a flashback to 2018 in her first audition. Flau’jae says she was a rapper, and so was her father, and he was murdered when her mother was pregnant with her.

“He couldn’t fulfill his dream, so that’s what I’m here to do,” says Flau’jae. In her first audition, she rapped an original. Red lasers shoot from the stage as the crowd lifts red light sticks, and she begins to rap about the tragic loss of her father, and Howie bops his head the entire time.

She walks around and waves her hands multiple times with the crowd. The sea of hands in the hyped audience shows tremendous support for Flau’jae and her experience.

The beat is very relaxed, but it fits her heartfelt lyrics. The screens in the back have her face on them with a blue tint. After the thrilling performance, Simon can’t hold back his emotions.

Simon tells Flau’jae that he loved it, saying, “I felt very emotional during that.” Flau’jae thanks everyone, and the crowd explodes in applause for her as she walks off smiling, knowing she has fulfilled her father’s legacy.

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