Angelina Jordan, a 10-year-old girl, performs “Feeling Good” and leaves everyone amazed

In case you’ve ever wondered what an “old soul” is, you might want to see this girl in action. At just 10 years old, Angelina Jordan has already reached levels of fame and stardom that would almost make anyone’s head spin. But somehow, she has managed to stay humble throughout the years, despite her incredible talent.

Watching her perform is nothing short of an incredible experience. Her control of her audience, the incredible tones of her voice, and the naturalness of her make her even better.

Singing “Feeling Good,” a 1964 hit popularized by Nina Simone, this 10-year-old has perfectly captured the intensity of the song. Even though she hasn’t been on this planet very long, when you look into her eyes, she really feels like she has something special, a deep secret that can only come from an “old soul.”

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