Kid Dancers Izzy and Easton Dazzle With Contemporary Dance – America’s Got Talent

Las Vegas girls Izzy, 11, and Easton, 14, recently succeeded and impressed not only Hough, but also her fellow judges, Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union and Howie Mandel, with their auditions. their tense contemporary. Izzy and Easton took to the stage in the preview for Tuesday’s episode, and gave a heartfelt performance that left audiences speechless.

Izzy and Easton are not siblings, but after five years of dancing together, they consider each other family Izzy said: “I love dancing with Easton because he is so amazing, beautiful and sweet. “He’s like my brother.” They base their habits on family ties, acting as siblings separated by war.

Before their performance began, Cowell questioned the popularity of Izzy and Easton’s dance styles. “Does anyone like contemporary dance?” he asked Hough, a professional dancer. “Yes,” she replied proudly. “I!” As it turns out, Izzy and Easton may have made Cowell a fan of contemporary dance because he certainly looked impressive at the end of their performance. Check out the full audition above to see every single aerial shot and shot filled with drama and sublimation for yourself.

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