Love Endures: Paul Anka’s Timeless “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”

A recently shared video clip from The Ed Sullivan Show has gained numerous online followers. It showcases the sensational track sung by the young crooner Paul Anka. After a record-breaking success for the song “Diana,” Anka decided to make an appearance on the show on 1st November 1959.

Anka, a rising star of the 1950s, sings his hit song, “Put Your Head on My Shoulders,” for his female fans requesting the song. The song features crooning vocals with sentimental lyrics.

It captures the sentiments of two people deeply in love with each other. It describes a romantic & tender moment between lovers. The song tells the feeling of the narrator, who wants his partner to rest her head on his shoulder and feel his warm hug.

The song became very popular during the late 50s and early 60s and reached the number 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. There is no doubt that the song has beautiful lyrics. However, Anka’s stage presence & smooth vocal style impresses the listeners, especially the female fans.

Anka’s singing is way before his time. The song’s lyrics are absolutely perfect, and his voice & facial expressions made the female fans scream for more good music. In addition, the way he intonates certain words in the song, such as “Baby” & “Whisper in my Ear,” is infectious.

“Put your head on my shoulder. Hold me in your arms. Baby! Won’t you squeeze me once? Show me! Show me that you love me too. People say that love’s a game. A game you just can’t win.” The background singers and musicians did an excellent job of helping Anka perform beautifully.

A netizen commented on the video clip, “Paul Anka is a class act and one of the great songwriters. One of the few who went from a teen idol to a successful adult musician.” While another wrote, “The way he said ‘whisper in my ear’ with a smiling smirk nodding face, it gave me butterflies!”

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