Loving Boy Ends Run on The Voice Kids Spain with Performance of Europe’s “Final Countdown

8-year-old Jesús del Río had a memorable run on the show despite not winning the singing competition

Jesús del Río’s memorable journey on The Voice Kids Spain has come to an end. The boy went viral with his vibrant rendition of the classic AC/DC song “Highway to Hell” during his blind audition and later earned a spot as a finalist by singing “Back in Black”. For the eight-year-old’s final performance, he sang the European national anthem “The Last Countdown”,

Jesús is clearly a fan of hard rock, he looked pretty annoyed singing “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars during the fight ring. Until his performance in the finale, it seemed like AC/DC was the only band that matched his wailing vocals. However, he gave an admirable rendition of “The Final Countdown” to the final song of the competition.

He eventually lost to 11-year-old Levi Díaz, but still, what a great run!

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