When Dad Blows Out the Candles on His Cake – One of His SIX Daughters Wasn’t Happy

One thing the Busbys aren’t is an average American family. You see, there are eight Busbys: mom, dad, and six, count ’em, six kids. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that the Busbys are the only family in the United States to have all-girl quintuplets. So it’s not so much having six girls as having one plus five.

It was dad’s birthday. Mom was there and had the camera rolling while he celebrated with their daughters gathered around him. It was an extra-special occasion, the first time all six girls were together to celebrate the big day with him.

Given what happens in the video, we can probably describe the situation as dad being outnumbered six to one (or seven if we count mom). Everyone was having a great time, perhaps most of all, when the six girls sang their dad “Happy Birthday.” A private chorus isn’t such a bad birthday gift, is it?

When the singing was done, it was time to blow out the candles. Everyone watched as dad brought the cake a little closer, huffed, puffed, and blew out all the candles. A perfect ending to a birthday party, you’re thinking? Well, let’s say the quintuplets were NOT happy.

What came next can only be described as a chain reaction of cuteness. While their older sister Blayke looks on, Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate give their father an unexpected birthday serenade. If you’re a parent, or even if you aren’t, you’re going to get a big kick out of the Busby family’s birthday video.

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