The wild side of his country upbringing is very present in Laine Hardy’s “Authentic.”

With Laine as a drummer, guitarist and bassist. Laine sings and plays her own electric guitar. Behind them there are some lights set up, and they shine brightly with two colors of blue and red. Lights danced around the band as they performed, and each band member was perfectly marked.

He was both focused and happy while performing with the band. Everyone around him gave their all throughout the performance, the bassist and lead guitar providing excellent backup vocals.

Laine closed his eyes for some parts of the song, letting himself feel the emotion and passion of the words he was singing. The lead guitar player even got his own solo which he played very well.

Each of them does not miss a beat. Drummer on the block, and the song just keeps getting better and better. Laine’s voice has a sweet melody.

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