American Idol 2023 Contestant WOWs with Different Speaking and Singing Voices

‘American Idol’ is packed with plenty of surprising moments. The audition process produces some gems and some duds, but one thing is for sure, they are never dull.

A girl named Wé Ani walks into the audition room with a super high-pitched voice that sounds like she sucked up some helium. Luke asks her name, and she responds, “My name is Wé Ani, and I’m from Harlem, New York.”

Luke says, “Unbelievable, I love it.” Lionel is shocked and asks, “Is that your real voice? Oh my god!” The judges recommend her for voice acting, and she agrees and says she’s wanted to do it for a while.

Katy Perry says, “Well, here’s the audition.” Then, she begins to sing with the piano playing in the background. Her voice suddenly gets deep and mellow as she sings with power and resonance.

Wé Ani sings ‘Anyone’ by singer Demi Lovato. The song was featured on Demi’s 7th album, ‘Dancing with the Devil…the Art of Starting Over.’ The powerful song isn’t easy to sing, but the audition is excellent.

She sings the high notes perfectly with great vibrato. In the end, she gets a standing ovation, and Lionel says, “You are amazing.” He tells her the performance was ridiculous, and she tears up and thanks him.

Katy asks what her name means, and she says, “It means diligence in Swahili.” Katy congratulates her and says, “Way to throw the curveball.” They all give her a “Yes” vote and send her to Hollywood.

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