Garbage Man Adopts Blind Baby Left , 23 Years Later Boy Owns Million-Dollar Company

A trash collector smuggled two drug dealers to raise his two children alone. One day, he accidentally discovers a baby left near a dumpster and helps him lay the groundwork for his future multimillion-dollar business. Just as Bob thanked destiny for giving him a wonderful wife and two adorable kids, fate struck him with a painful blow.

The 41-year-old, who had been married to his wife Sarah for nine years, ended up raising their two children Kara and Christopher alone. Sarah came clean about her longtime affair with another man and left Bob to care for them on his own. But that wasn’t all…”Is your ‘other man’ their father?

“How could you do this to me, Sarah? Tell me the truth…”, Bob argued, and Sarah sheepishly retreated.

She admitted that Kara and Christopher were not Sarah’s affair partner’s children. They were born to another man whom she had a two-year affair with after marrying Bob.

When Bob asked her why she cheated on him, she said, “Because you scavenge the dumpsters for a living, and I’m ashamed to say you’re my husband. I want a rich life which you cannot afford.”

Bob was shattered. He thought he’d been living a perfect life with Sarah, but it took him 23 years to realize that his wife, who he worked hard for and loved, was not pleased with him. Bob could not see his garbage truck driver’s job in the same way again, but at the same time, he knew he could not live without his children.

“Are you taking the children with you?” he asked Sarah on the day they divorced.

“Why would I take the kids with me when I’m going to marry someone else? You can raise them if you want because their biological father died years ago,” she said without hesitation. Then she left, and Bob never saw her again.

Bob couldn’t come to terms with the truth that his wife was gone, but he pulled himself together to raise his daughters. He felt that this was what fate wanted him to do.

He battled against all odds to make his daughters happy. He believed that they were his world, knowing little that there would soon be a new addition to the family.

One day, Bob found an abandoned baby boy crying near one of the dumpsters he picked up garbage from. “A baby?” he exclaimed and approached the little one.

The cold winter wind howled as Bob searched for his dog in the empty streets. He spotted a baby abandoned near one of the dumpsters with a note attached to it that read, “To whoever finds this blind baby, please take care of him.”

Bob was shocked and wondered how someone could abandon a helpless infant. He picked up the baby, checked his carrier, and found that the little one was blind. He held him close to his chest, trying to warm him up, and the baby started to wiggle his tiny fingers to feel the person holding him. Bob was touched.

Bob calmed the child down and took him home to feed him some warm milk before calling social services. “I found him by the dumpster,” he told the authorities.

Later, the baby boy was taken to the hospital, and his blindness was confirmed. Bob’s heart went out to the helpless little boy, and he decided to adopt him. “If I can raise two dogs by myself, I can certainly raise him too,” he thought.

Bob was initially uncertain about the challenges he would face raising a blind child. However, he knew that the baby would require special care and attention, given his blindness. He made it his priority to love the child and ensure he was well taken care of.

Seven years had passed since Bob adopted the baby boy, and one day he discovered that his son had a special talent.

In the heartwarming story, Bob read bedtime stories to his son Sam about a garbage man named Tom, who used his imagination to protect a precious princess trapped in a tower from evil dragons. Sam loved hearing Bob’s stories, never missing a single one.

One day, Bob gifted Sam a Braille book, which seemed strange and difficult to him at first. But Bob encouraged him to follow the dots with his fingers, and soon Sam was reading the books by himself.

Over the years, Bob would purchase expensive Braille books for Sam, cutting back on other expenses to afford them. Sam eventually became an avid reader and decided to use his skills to help others, starting a small publishing house to produce Braille books for the visually impaired.

With hard work and determination, Sam’s business grew into a million-dollar company, and he used his success to help his family and serve society. He hired a full-time staff, including a former garbage man who had adopted him and his siblings when they were young.

Sam never forgot his past and the struggles he faced, but he was proud of how far he had come. He often spoke about his gratitude for his adoptive father and the love that brought him out of a difficult situation.

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