Pregпaпt mom who had 10 boys iп a row caп’t believe wheп the doctor says her пew 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦’s a girl

Alexis Brett is no novice when it comes to being a mother. However, after having so many sons, she is eager to experience raising a daughter for the first time.

Growing up as an only child, Alexis was unsure about having a large family when she became an adult. She decided to simply go with the flow.

At 22, Alexis married David Brett and became pregnant with their first child. Even then, she hadn’t made up her mind about having more children.

Nine months later, their first son, Campbell, was born.

Not long after, Alexis found out she was expecting again. Within another nine months, she welcomed her second son, Harrison.

Over the next 16 years, she gave birth to Corey, Lachlan, Brodie, Brahn, Hunter, Mack, Blake, and Rothagaidh, bringing the total number of sons to 10.

On Christmas Eve 2018, Alexis suspected she might be pregnant once more. A pregnancy test confirmed her suspicion.

Having had 10 boys already, Alexis assumed she would be welcoming her 11th son in nine months.

However, a few months later, both she and her husband were astonished when the doctor informed them they were expecting a girl.

Naturally, there was a 50% chance of having a daughter, but the parents had become so accustomed to having sons that they struggled to accept the news at first.

Gradually, Alexis and David grew excited about the prospect of having a daughter. They were already parenting experts, but raising a girl would be a new experience.

They started their 11th parenting journey by purchasing baby clothing designed for girls, a first for the couple after years of shopping for boys.

In late August 2019, Alexis went into labor and soon after, Cameron, named after actress Cameron Diaz, joined the Brett family as the 11th sibling and first daughter.

Upon returning home with Cameron, the parents noticed a positive change in their household.

“The boys have been much better behaved around her,” David Brett shared.

Although Alexis now has 11 children, she asserts that she won’t have any more. Interestingly, she made the same claim after her 10th son was born.

This time, she is adamant that her childbearing days are over. While it may seem as though she was trying for a daughter all these years, Alexis denies this, insisting that she would have stopped having children even if she had another boy.

Currently, the Brett household is quite crowded.

Their home, which has five bedrooms, is large but still struggles to accommodate all 13 family members.

Fortunately, the older sons are approaching adulthood and will soon be moving to college or their own homes, creating more space in the family home.

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