Marcelito Pomoy’s stunning dual voice performance conquers AGT Champions

Do you enjoy a good talent show with excellent singers and deserving contestants? Watch this clip of AGT when Marceltio Pomoy sings with his whole heart. He is such a pleasure to watch. He won AGT in 2011, and it is easy to see why. His stage presence is phenomenal. Violins accompany him, and the music is stunning. He commands the stage with poise and grace.

It is great to see the look on Simon’s face when Marcelito starts to sing! He looks shocked in the best way possible. Howie says with surprise, “That’s his voice?” Wow. It is one of those rare performances that you not only remember but also cannot get it out of your head. With his wife lovingly by his side, he produces some of the best singing you will ever hear! All the judges were so impressed!

The audience is awe-struck by the texture and richness of his beautiful voice. He has the whole room in a state of pure enchantment. Heidi stands up and claps during the performance as if she cannot help herself! In addition to being an incredible singer, Marcelito is also a survivor. His mother left when he was seven, and his father was in jail. He was orphaned but later adopted by a police officer.

It shows you that even if you come from a place of strife and hardship, you can still achieve your dreams. Marcelito Pomoy is living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. Watch this video for inspiration and to see a talented singer soar on AGT Champions!

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