Adorable tap dancing twins Freddie and Teddie dazzle on Little Big Shots

If you want to experience something cool, check out this video. Two eight-year-old twins from Los Angeles named Freddie and Teddie will tap dance their way into your heart. They are so talented and fun! They are gregarious and happy to be on Little Big Shots in England. The two of them are interviewed at first, and you can see they are excited to showcase their skills! The little blue tuxedos are too cute!

When one of the twins gives the other bunny ears, you will laugh along with them. The little boy explains that their mom did not want them to play video games all day, so she had them learn to tap dance instead, and it was a good decision! Freddie and Teddie show off their moves! They can dance well! You will have a soft spot for these two precious angels.

When Freddie and Teddie perform their dance, they are so splendid. The best part is when they take turns jumping over one another. They move so well and in time with the music. They perform with rhythm and style. You need to see this! It will brighten your day! The two have “magic feet,” and their cuteness will spellbind you!

The stomping, stepping, and tapping are such a great release for them, and they do it beautifully. They move in time together so well. Freddie and Teddie even do splits! They make tap dancing look effortless, and they are so talented. It is truly a joy to see!

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