11-week-old baby girl speaks for the first time

Prepare to be amazed as you witness the delightful moment when a baby demonstrates her remarkable ability to say her own name. Meet Eela, who accomplished this incredible feat at the tender age of just 11 weeks.

As newborns embark on their journey of speech discovery, they often engage in rapid and enthusiastic babbling, producing an array of sounds. Parents eagerly attempt to decipher these utterances, deciphering words that frequently seem like delightful gibberish.

However, little Eela, at just eleven weeks old, has already achieved a rather precocious milestone by articulating her own name. Her adoring mother had the presence of mind to capture this priceless moment on video, making it accessible to internet users worldwide.

Eela’s accomplishment is truly exceptional, not only due to her tender age but also because infants typically utter their first words such as ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy.’ Therefore, Eela stands out not only as an incredibly bright baby but also as a bit of a maverick.

While babies as young as seven weeks old can begin producing sounds, the majority of these vocalizations are considered proto-speech, sounds that are nearly but not quite words, including common early sounds like ‘da-da’ and ‘ba-ba.’

One can only hope that Eela’s mother will share this heartwarming video with her when she’s older, allowing her to witness just how endearingly intelligent she was at such a tender age.”

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