Celebrity Asks Little Girl To Sing ‘You Raise Me Up’. Within Seconds, Girl Brings Down House

If you’re a devoted follower of the Got Talent series, there’s a memorable name you might recall – Celine Tam. This petite nine-year-old vocalist hails from the vibrant city of Hong Kong and left an indelible mark during her stint on season 12 of America’s Got Talent. While she did reach the semifinals, she narrowly missed the chance to advance to the finals, leaving fans and even some celebrities disheartened by the outcome. Among those who believed she rightfully deserved a place in the finals was Helene Fischer, one of Germany’s most remarkable singers.

In a heartwarming collaboration, these two gifted singers delivered a mesmerizing rendition of “You Raise Me Up.” They took turns serenading the audience, seamlessly alternating between crooning and belting out melodious lines, occasionally uniting their voices in perfect harmony. Despite Helene’s unquestionably exceptional talent, Celine proved more than capable of holding her own, eliciting standing ovations from the crowd and even evoking a few teary-eyed smiles from the audience.

As it turns out, Celine’s absence from the finals of America’s Got Talent was not a reflection of her lack of talent; rather, it was a testament to her immense talent exceeding the confines of the show. Since then, she has embarked on a successful tour, captivating audiences in her homeland and around the world, showcasing her impressive vocal prowess at numerous high-profile events. Her journey is a testament to resilience and strength in the face of adversity. You go, girl! Be sure to watch her remarkable performance below, but have a tissue box at the ready – you might just need it!

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