Principal calms kids’ nerves by busting out dance moves on 1st day of school

It would be impossible not to smile watching your middle school principal dance like this. 😂

First day of school jitters have kids feeling tense and nervous all the time.

We may no longer remember the feeling but really, you surely felt the same every year before the start of school. The best part is seeing friends in the hallways once again.

However, there are kids who dread that first day for many different reasons.
Peer pressure, bullies, and even just being self-conscious are factors for many youngsters to feel the jitters. School employees know this all too well but not all of them make it easy for the students.

Except for this awesome principal.
See, Mr. Brian Wildeman is not your average school principal.

Remington Middle School in Franklin, Massachusetts has gotten used to Wildeman’s tradition of welcoming students back for the new school year with a dance.

One year he danced to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”.

In 2014, Wildeman danced to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy.”

In a pink button down, blue tie, and slacks, principal Wildeman sets up a stereo by the main walkway and proceeds to start dancing, and he does so with passion!

Now how many school principals would be willing to welcome their students back this way?
“At first, I thought this would be painful, but this principle gets so into it, it’s hard not to smile … XD Well done.” says a viewer named MyNamesNotMike15.

The best part is Wildeman actually does the dance associated with the song!

He must be really fun at parties, for real.
His dance to Pharrell’s “Happy” has more than 26K views, while this one now has over 433K views!

So imagine how those kids felt like driving up to school and feeling super nervous, only to see their very own principal busting out his moves just to welcome them back.

Surely they all smiled!
Some wave hi to the camera, others gave him a high five, while most suddenly seemed to have a spring in their step.

That first day of school wasn’t so bad after all!
“Hilarious!!! I love it!!! Those kids are so lucky to have such a hilarious and cool principal!!!” says another viewer.

If Wildeman was so willing to dance just to welcome his students back, imagine how lively he is during school events.

It’s a safe bet to think that he’s good friends with many of his students, and their parents as well.

With dance moves like that, how can you not think he’s a great guy?

Check out this principal’s welcome back dance in the video below!

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