I Guess He Prefers To Go Back To The Belly”: Adorable Video Shows an Offended Newborn with a Hit on the Internet

A video posted on the All Babies Chapel Facebook page has gone viral due to a newborn baby’s unexpected reaction after being born.

In the video, a nurse can be seen holding the baby who is not crying, but instead tightly squeezes his eyes and mouth shut, giving the appearance of being offended.

Many internet users have commented on the video, joking that the baby is probably not satisfied with his birth or that he wants to go back to the womb.

Others have expressed concern that the baby was not handed over to his parents quickly enough to keep him warm and prevent him from catching a cold.

However, medical professionals assure that the baby was in good health and that it is not unusual for newborns to have different reactions during their first moments in the outside world.

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